Heart Pavlovas : My New Favorite Dessert Recipe

One of the first things I asked Eoghan when we started dating was “What is your favorite dessert?” I was expecting the typical answer of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, or hoping for my favorite pineapple upside-down cake — but he answered with pavlova. Wanting to seem cool and as worldly as him I was embarrassed to ask “what on earth is a pavlova?!” But since I knew I wouldn’t be able to fib my way through that conversation I flat out asked.Turns out it is a New Zealand dessert that is named after a Russian ballerina. Duh! It is pretty much like a large meringue cake that has a crispy outside and marshmallowy inside. You use vanilla extract instead of almond so I find it outrageously delicious.

Guadeloupe Travel Tips : A Tale of Two Islands

If you haven’t heard of Guadeloupe or have the faintest idea where it is, we don’t blame you - neither did we. Guadeloupe is a sun-soaked overseas French territory that is a group of islands (the main island resembles a butterfly) that lies between St John’s and Dominica. The tropical nation feels relatively untouched by tourism, which is a welcome sight for those escaping their busy concrete jungle lives. Brush up on your high-school French because it will go a long way to helping you get around and interacting with the friendly local people. Follow along below to learn about how we filled our four day + three night trip to this beautiful island.

Sri Lanka Travel Tips : Tropical Paradise in the Indian Ocean

Sitting in the Indian Ocean lies a beautiful island that is about the size of California, otherwise known as Sri Lanka. It is a magical place that is filled with jungle hiking, fields of tea plantations, rows of fruit trees, fields of elephants, and miles of stunning beaches. Sounds magical, amrite? Get ready to start a new pin board because we are sharing our top ten favorite places in Sri Lanka that are a must on your trip.