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Our Travel Essentials

Our Travel Essentials

We’ve been fortunate to have travelled extensively in our lives already and plan to do a lot more. There’s certain things we just never travel without and we want to share them with you to make your experiences better.

  1. Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones - Possibly one of the best purchases I made in 2018. They are amazing at blocking out airplane noise and watching movies/tv on planes. Not only do I use them for travel but also for working on the road (or in the office) to block out those gossiping co-workers and noisy coffee shops.

  2. MUJI Neck Pillow - It has that soft-jersey cotton feel synonymous with MUJI and it’s great for the window-seat on planes or taking a nap during long layovers in the airport. Not the greatest neck support, but it has a hood and does the trick.

  3. Transferwise Debit Card - This is a multi-currency debit card that I always travel with. You get great exchange rates and save tens of dollars when converting to the currency of your choice.

  4. Vapur collapsible water bottle - It rolls up into next to nothing when empty, which comes in handy when space is at a premium. I also like that it has a clip to attach to your backpack.

  1. Thinx underwear - Literally life changing. I never have to worry about how many tampons to pack or find corner stores in foreign countries hoping that they will have some period products. I travel with four pairs and can wash and rewear them as I need.

  2. Anker Powercore Portable Charger - What can I say! I like to take a lot of photos! And therefore my phone dies all the time!!

  3. White Tee - I love clothes but what I have learned is things get ruined while traveling for a long period of time, and I normally buy new clothes while traveling and then have no room in my suitcase! I try to pack basic staples like a white tee, jeans, gray sweater that are inexpensive and easily replaceable. This way if they get ruined - oh well! And if I find a cute dress then don’t feel bad about taking out something from my suitcase and leaving it behind (or donating it to a thrift store/recycling it at a local H&M or Zara).

  4. Medicine bag - I love to travel but am terrified of throw up. Therefore I have created the ultimate medicine bag to cure basic issues while traveling.

    1. Advil - Always good to have around.

    2. Pepto Bismol - At the first sign of gurgles I take Pepto Bismol.

    3. Imodium - Just in case!! Don’t want the runs to ruin your trip.

    4. Culturelle probiotic - I take one in the morning to help my body stay regular.

    5. Peppermint oil pills - Peppermint oil is a natural way to help upset stomachs.

    6. Sleeping pills - With time zones and weird schedules it is nice to have sleeping pills to help you get to sleep quicker.

    7. Motion sickness pills - I rarely feel motion sickness but you never know when you get on a boat that is just way too rocky.

    8. Ear ache drops - When my ears start to hurt then my whole balance and body feel off. These have helped me so much in many different occasions.

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